Technologies I


Prototipo de Héroe
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Drawing Lines

This video shows an easy way to draw parallel and perperndicular lines. The method is the same we use in class, so if you want to practise take a piece of paper, your set squares and watch the video :)

Using the Protractor

This tool helps you to measure different angles. Using it you will remenber the use of the protractor doing different activities.

Use this link to start the application.

Another useful app

Halloween Pencil Holder

In a few days we will celebrate Halloween so use your imagination to make a pencil holder. You have to make a design drawing your own skecth including measures and some scary vocabulary or phrases. Use this link to show an scary example

Halloween Vocabulary
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Final Result



Let´s try the rigidity of a structure using only paper. You are going to design and develop a bridge using triangulation to ensure the rigidity condition of your structure. The main material you must use is paper. The following link show you some indications to get success on this project.



In this new unit you will learn new concepts about different mechanisms; levers, pulleys, pulleys with belts, gears, etc. To try and improve your skills with each element you can visit the following link.




Let´s try to practise some complex activities using Scratch.

In this link you can find some games. Let´s start programming!!!

Visit this website

 Apple Game